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Environmentally Friendly Furniture Removal Company in the Corpus Christi area call EverJunk for all of your clean out needs.

Modern Junk Hauling Trucks

We love to pick up your junk. We specialize in hauling all kinds of debris and trash in and around the Corpus Christi area. Helping the people of Corpus Christi with removal of appliances, furniture, tree and yard waste.

We Haul Away and Recycle What We Can

Junk removal companies in Corpus Christi will haul away things and not take the time to figure out what can be recycled and what can't but at Ever Junk we look through everything we pick up to make sure there are no unwanted chemicals and to separate out resources to be recycled if we can.

Safety is a High Priority at All Times

Safety is very important to us here at Ever Junk. We take pride in delivering our service in a safe responsible manner. Safety is a choice we all make and the best thing to do is stay alert so no one gets hurt.

Furniture Removal in Corpus Christi

Useless old furniture that you need to get rid of can be an eyesore if not disposed of, and sometimes can be hard to get rid of yourself, that’s why you want to call Everjunk. It is difficult to maneuver, it is uncomfortable, it is heavy, and it occupies a lot of space. Waiting for the next trash day won’t do the trick because the trash man will not pick it up, they don’t take most furniture. And that leaves you with loads of unsightly junk right in front of your house, and holding it back into your curb can even get the neighbors wondering if you own a junkyard. In short, doing furniture removal all by yourself can be a real challenge. A better way to way to do this is to call a professional company to pickup that couch.

Kick Back, Relax and Let Us Do the Work

Give Everjunk the chance of taking care of your furniture pick up needs in Corpus Christi, and this could be the easiest decision you will make all week. Everjunk will take hold of those heavy items out of your house or office, pack them inside their clean shiny truck, and make sure it reaches a recycling center or donation point or if we have to take it to the dump we will be happy to do that for you. All you have to do is give us a call and point out that piece of crap you want us to take. Once you have done that, just watch your furniture disappear!

Furniture Pickup with Everjunk

Everjunk is the right team for your furniture removal in Corpus Christi. Family owned and operated, we take customer service to the next level. Regardless of how much useless furniture you may have laying around the house, we will be there to take care of the job for you. We have the right team of experts who are experienced and knowledgeable when it comes to picking up your couch in your house.

Here’s is how our junk pick up service works:

·         Book a furniture removal appointment online or call our hotline.

·         Sit back and wait for us to show up

·         Point to the piece of furniture you would like removed

·         We throw the furniture in our truck and haul it away

Junk Removal Corpus Christi

Everjunk is a junk removal service that is ready to remove your old furniture so you can make way for the new. We are there when you call us and we have same day service at reasonable prices. Whether you are redecorating the whole house or just need to remove a few old pieces in order to brighten or lighten your space, we got you covered.

You don’t have to worry about our quality of service because we are honest and dependable and have a team of experts who are professionally trained to safely and responsibly remove your junk from your house with less hassle.

We Want to Be Your Trash Removers

When you hire us, excellence and quality service is guaranteed, whether you are removing couches, box springs, cleaning out the garage or any other old household items you might want to get rid of.

Now that you know a great company to come and pick up your couch in Corpus Christi give us a call. Sometimes in life we get busy and we just the time, manpower or the necessary equipment to get junk hauled away. We can remove trash out of your house or business premises, call Everjunk now for professional service in junk removal. We strive to be the best private trash collection in the whole of Corpus Christi. Give us a try today and experience fantastic service you deserve.

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